12 Most Incredible People We Met in the Last 12 Months

– Authored by Anmol & Melody

31st Dec 2019

Today is not only the last day of the year, but it’s also my birthday. Right now I’m sitting here in this beautiful resort in Uganda, trying to reflect on this incredible year that I have had. I think a great way to do that, would be to share the stories of 12 unique strangers who have made the biggest impact on both Melody and me over the last 12 months. These stories are bound to inspire you, just like how they inspired us.

But before we start, just a quick disclaimer, we are trying to keep this post anonymous. These are positive stories, but they are never the less private stories. So we will try our best to not reveal any personal information that can help identify the said people. If you are one of these awesome people and would like us to include your name/photo/social media link, please let Melody or me know.

That being said, let’s start:

12 stories covering all these countries from most incredible people we have met in the last 12 months.png

(These 12 stories cover all these countries)

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