How GOAL SETTING Changed My Life

For the majority years of my life, I never set goals. But ever since I learned how to do it, my life changed completely. There are a few reasons why goals setting is so powerful:


(Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash)

  1. Goals give me clarity.

Just because I am busy all the time does not mean that I am getting closer to where I want to be. I was able to achieve the things I’ve achieved only because I knew I wanted them in the first place.

  1. Goals keep me motivated.

Goals remind me why I am doing what I do.

“He who has a why can bear almost any how.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

With a clear WHY in mind, I am more likely to get things started, build the momentum with every small win along the way, and the more action I take, the more confident and motivated I become.

  1. Goals make me proactive

Most of my life, I was just letting things happen to me and then reactive to them. I was very passive in my approach to life, until I set goals and made plans to achieve them. I felt like a switch was suddenly turned on and I automatically became very proactive. I started to reach out to people who could help me, I figured out resources that I needed, I learned to think ahead of time and always have a Plan B. My goals make me take actions and propel me to make progress.


(Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash)

  1. Goals keep me focused.

Life provides new opportunities all the time. I always have many different ideas that I want to pursue. Before I realize it, I am doing many things at the same time, spreading myself thin. With goals, I will no longer be distracted. I know what is more important and urgent, I know how to allocate my energy and time to only do things that help me achieve my goals, and I know how to do one thing at a time and produce the best quality work that I can.

  1. Goals keep me accountable.

The next time I want to binge-watch a TV show, we will be immediately reminded that “No, I have to finish my tasks for today first.”

I hope this inspires you to set your goals for 2019 and have the most productive year ever! Share your goals for 2019 in the comment section. Would love to help each other be accountable in achieving our dreams  🙂

This blog post is based on my video series on GOAL SETTING. You can watch them on your preferred social media platform:

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