Why I Love Canada – Part 2: People who have changed my life in Canada

Here we are, in Cusco, Peru, the first stop of our two-year around-the-world travel. I missed one week of the blog post in the midst of all the crazy preparation work. At this very moment, I am sitting in this lovely bar at our Hostel. I feel like talking about our trip so far since it has been so eventful already, but first I should finish addressing why I love Canada. I realized that the further away I am from what I am familiar with, the more I think about where I came from and how I came to be where I am right now.

This blog is all about people I’ve met that have changed my life and made me fall in love with Canada.

First up, Stella.

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Why I Love Canada – Part 1

Five years ago, I landed in Canada as an international student. In retrospect, I am very happy that I chose to come to Canada, not the US, not the UK, not anywhere else, but Canada.

Now that we are going to embark on a new adventure of travelling around the world for 2 years, we really have started to miss Canada even before we leave. Throughout my life, I have travelled and lived in many different places and I know that this, the feeling of missing a country, is something that does not happen too often.

Based on my personal experience living in Canada for 5 years so far, here are what why I love Canada.

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Travel Around The World for 2 Years – Need Your Help!

Good evening my friends,

For those who I haven’t yet met, my name is Melody.

I landed in Canada five years ago as an international student, finished my Master of Management Program in Vancouver, worked for a few different firms both Vancouver and Toronto, and moved to London a year ago. I first started volunteering at a co-working place called Innovation Works, then was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit in the space, found my own passion, and transitioned to start my own business.

Time flies and now I am about to embark on another journey of my life. My husband and I decided to travel around the world for two years while running our business Beyond and Be Green Monkey online. A lot of people ask us why do you want to go travel and why for so long? Well, the shortest answer is that we love experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. Also, we want to explore more of who we really are as individuals and as a couple. We want it to be for two years because we both know that this trip is not going to be a vacation or weekend getaway for us, but a lifestyle change. We want to take our time to really immerse ourselves in whole new worlds!


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