Do I take the path less travelled?

Recently I got a question from a friend about career choices and entrepreneurship. She asked:

“I am curious to know what are some ways for one to fund themselves once they’ve decided to commit to their entrepreneur business full time. Do you suggest someone to work full-time/part-time for living income and grow their business on the side?

I am thinking about that now I am in the process of looking for jobs, maybe I should have a job with the skills I currently have, put food on the table, and work on my own business at the same time. Or is it a better idea to choose a more challenging position to grow, gain experiences, and then pick up my business idea later?

How did you feel back then when you made the decision to become a full-time entrepreneur? How do you feel now? Was it a difficult decision?”


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Success Buddies Providing Innovation for Trio of Entrepreneurs (shared)

Officially one month left to go before we leave Canada to travel around the world for two years. In the midst of the hectic preparation, I am also getting emotional.

Today I am not going to write, but going to share something with you. Here is a blog that Innovation Works once posted, featuring me and my Success Buddies. I am sharing it here on my platform today to show how much I value this small but strong mastermind group and our friendships.


Sharpen Your Saw

Person A is trying to cut a tree with a dull saw for hours.

Person B passes by and asks: “Why don’t you sharpen your saw first?”

Person A replied: “I can’t do that. I don’t have time.”

You might laugh at Person A but I’m sure we’ve all done something like that in past. Most recently, for example, I myself was cutting a tree with a dull saw for a long time until I finally decided to sharpen it and reaped great results.

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Expect the Unexpected

For this week, I was preparing for the biggest event since my company Beyond was established (Launching next week! Fingers crossed!) — a 20 people focus group. It turned out quite differently than what I planned and I was once again taught how to expect the unexpected.

I got in touch with a university organization who arranges student volunteers to help out local nonprofits and social enterprises for 3 hours on anything they need help with. I was supposed to have 20 student volunteers to participate in my focus group to evaluate my product. I confirmed with the organizer twice, once a week before and once again in the same week. Then I planned everything from my end accordingly, excitedly anticipating a fun session with one of my target markets.


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Am I Forgetting My Roots? — Part 2

… Continued from Part 1


I noticed that while I am trying my best to be a real Canadian and fit into the mainstream culture, I, at the same time, am slowly losing my own cultural identity as a Chinese.

I do not speak Mandarin anymore with anyone apart from my parents, and we only talk about 2-3 times a week. I am forgetting many words and expressions in Chinese and oftentimes have to use the translator, only this time to translate from English to Chinese… It is also very hard for me to write in Chinese now, the beautiful characters developed from thousands of years ago.


(Photo by Light L on Unsplash)

Recently, I started watching a new Chinese singing competition TV show. I enjoyed the songs in beautiful Chinese lyrics and loved the melodies. Judges were very knowledgeable and well read, and were commenting with all kinds of poems and proverbs. Contestants even made videos to showcase their hometowns. While watching this, without any warning, something hit my heart and I started to cry.

I knew what it was. It was a feeling that I don’t often feel but every time when I do feel it, it always hits me hard – It was the feeling of being homesick.

It reminded me of the beautiful culture that I was born into and grew up with. I suddenly envied those people I saw on the stage who were immersed in the culture and were sharing it with the whole world. Strangely, I also felt a subtle sense of guilt and shame.

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