Lessons Learned – Part 3: The Why Power

Continued from Part 1 & 2…

As important as patience is, a more important question would be: what makes one endure the pressure and keep patiently making progress little by little? That’s where a strong purpose or “the why-power” comes in. It is really what keeps one going even when it is hard, and Especially when it is hard.


(Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash)

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Lessons Learned – Part 2: Patience

Continued from Part 1…

My assistant reminded me of my ultimate goals because he thought we would reach them by now. As much as I want, success does not happen overnight. It is very much a journey, which means that it takes gradual steps and besides the hard work, it requires tremendous patience.


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Lessons Learned – Part 1: Talk About Your Mission

My assistant had to end the part-time contract work with me. On his last day, he asked me not to forget why I started doing what I am doing. I can tell that, as uncomfortable as that conversation was for him, he summoned up a great amount of courage to let me know what was on his mind.

I appreciate the reminder. It helped me realize a few very important things. One is that I should keep on emphasizing the blueprint with my group so that it is not just me who know where we are but so do others involved.

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A Typical Self Talk

I want to completely accept who I am. It does not mean that I want to be satisfied with the status quo and keep one eye shut on my shortcomings. It just means that I want to truly believe that I am good enough, yet I can always make effort to become better. But first of all, I have to completely accept who I am right now.


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