12 Books That Impacted Me the Most in the Past Year – Part 1

Books can allow you to communicate with the brightest minds;

They can get you lost in time;

They can help you find your strength;

They can make you feel larger than life.


Here is a list of books that have impacted me and shaped my life in the past year.


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What is Success?


Everybody dreams to be successful. But what is success?

Is it wealth? If so, how much is enough? Is one million dollars in total asset a success? How about two million? How about a billion?

Is it a happy family? If so, what is a happy family? Does having no arguments at home mean a happy family? How about respect? How about quality time and deep emotional connection?

Is it freedom? If so, freedom in what regard? Financial freedom? Emotional freedom? Religious freedom? Political freedom?

Is it making a positive impact? If so, what kind of positive impact? Is it the personal impact, social impact, environmental impact, or all of them? How do you measure the impact anyway?

I bet that if I ask 10 people, I will get 10 different answers because success really means different things to different people. And rarely will I expect a very clear answer. Even if someone does have his or her own success clearly defined, it is likely to change with time.

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The Funeral

Silence. There is absolutely nothing but silence. Around the casket people are wiping their tears, holding hands with each other, moving in a line to say the final goodbye to her.

Lying there with fresh flowers all around, she looks so beautiful and peaceful. Her family said that she did not suffer at all in the end. She fulfilled all her life dreams and passed away softly.


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