From a Night Owl to a Morning Bird

One thing that I’m proud of myself is my ability to change. A good example is how I transformed from a night owl to a morning bird. Credit goes to my husband who initially introduced this idea to me and eventually convinced me to “convert”.


Now I get up at 4 AM and go to sleep by 8 PM. This kind of lifestyle is not so common, especially among my age group. Even for me at the beginning, it simply seemed crazy and impossible.

Here are a few reasons for my reluctance. I always thought I won’t get into the productive mode until 9 or 10 AM and am more productive during night time, so why would I want to sleep through my best time to get things done in the night and waste more time feeling drowsy in the morning? Even if I want to do that, how do I get up at 4 AM when getting up at 7 AM is already so hard? What’s more, I like to go to events and activities and most of them happen after work in the evenings, so how do I stay social without being able to attend those events?

This is how I tackled my problems one by one, eventually joined the morning army, started to reap the benefits, and grew to really enjoy it.

For my first concern, it was basically a battle between my fixed mindset and the growth mindset that I did not learn to acquire at that time. I assumed that things won’t change, that my habits, my sleeping cycle, and my productivity level will not be capable of being altered. That was where I was wrong first and foremost.

We can ALWAYS change,

…as long as you want to change and put the effort into making the changes happen. And I find it especially effective when you are taking proactive actions towards the desired results out of your free will, instead of under pressure. So all I actually needed to do was to change my mindset. Once that was done, everything started to take care of themselves. My body gradually adapted to the new timetable and I started to feel very energetic in the morning and begin yawning as it got close to 8 PM. My brain started to be very sharp after waking up and I was able to quickly get into my productive working mode in the morning. Most amazingly, both my body and my mind are now, with excitement, looking forward to closing the day early and getting up early.

It indeed has been tough to transition. This process deserves its own blog post because if I tell you about everything I’ve experimented that failed, it will be more than just one paragraph. This here, however, is not a post about how I did it. Truth is, I am still experimenting and I always will be. What I can say here is that once I found a way that works for myself, it is all worth it.

As for my “FOMO” (fear of missing out), I started to realize that there are just as many morning events and activities out there and they are high-quality ones as well if not better. Because they are designed for busy and early-rising people, they have to be well-organized and compact so that attendees get the most value out of the believed golden time of a day. Plus, dragging myself to an evening event was always a difficult decision because I knew just how hard I had to try to keep a clear head and still look put-together after a long day of work. Instead, it is a comparatively easy decision to show myself up in a morning event because my energy tank is charged-up and I look fresh without even trying.


This transformation taught me something very important. If I who believed so deeply that sleeping early and getting up early is not my thing and that I won’t be able to do it can eventually prove myself wrong, I might be capable of breaking other make-believe mental blocks and limitations of mine and accomplish so many more unbelievable and unimaginable things. This experience gives me tremendous confidence in my future endeavors too because now I really believe that “where there is a will, there is a way”.


4 thoughts on “From a Night Owl to a Morning Bird

  1. Anu Modi March 13, 2018 / 9:57 pm

    I do believe..where there is will,there is a way..
    But it really needs efforts to prove it.
    U guys r superb.. love u

    Liked by 1 person

    • Melody March 20, 2018 / 9:39 am

      Really it is mainly because of Anmol. I am very disciplined in many other areas. But in this case, it is all him. He has been extremely consistent and determined. I was influenced by him and I really admire how he is able to do it. Now it has just become a habit and a very essential part of our life. Whenever I tell people around me about it, people always get so surprised, and that is how I get reminded like “Oh yeah, it is kind of a remarkable thing!”


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