Bouncing Back

Last Friday, I went to the Socialpreneur Chat at Innovation Works after a long time. Socialpreneur Chat is a weekly casual conversation among local Social Entrepreneurs in London Ontario through which we discuss our challenges and help each other out. I love coming to this chat but this time I experienced an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.


I started working on my business idea in August 2017 and I was working very hard and making a lot of progress. My husband and I went away for two weeks to India to have our wedding ceremony in February. As transformational as this experience was, it was equally disruptive. I was really slow at picking up the pace and making progress on my venture after the trip.

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8 Years Ago, I Wrote This Letter to My Future Husband…

Yes, that’s right. 8 years ago when I got a writing assignment from our English teacher with the topic of “A Letter to…”, I decided to write a letter to my future husband. I don’t know why I choose to do that because most of my classmates wrote a letter to the mayor, a celebrity, or someone like that. But I remember that the moment I decided on my subject, I was very excited and emotional at the same time.

Now as I am reading this letter again 2.5 years into my marriage, I can’t believe how accurately I portrayed the man of my dream 8 years ago! Of course, no one is perfect. Both my husband and I are still a work-in-progress toward our ideal selves, but to me, this is the amazing part – I’ve found a husband with a growth mindset who always helps me to improve.

Please kindly discard the grammatical mistakes and sentence structure issues in writing from the much younger me. I just want to share this piece to let you know that I’ve found the perfect partner and now I am finally complete and truly happy.


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From a Night Owl to a Morning Bird

One thing that I’m proud of myself is my ability to change. A good example is how I transformed from a night owl to a morning bird. Credit goes to my husband who initially introduced this idea to me and eventually convinced me to “convert”.


Now I get up at 4 AM and go to sleep by 8 PM. This kind of lifestyle is not so common, especially among my age group. Even for me at the beginning, it simply seemed crazy and impossible.

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We Are Rich


This is to my beloved Indo-Chinese family and friends who accepted me into their life and their culture.

Papa-Mama asked me if I wanted to say something on my wedding day. I knew I wanted to but I also knew that it had to be done right. Luckily, the inspiration came to me right away. One night in bed, I picked up the pen in the hotel room and quickly wrote down the whole speech. It only took me less than one hour from start to finish and I never looked at it again until right before my speech. What I am trying to say is that this turned out to be an easy task and later on a smooth presentation because everything was just heartfelt. The draft that I was holding while speaking was merely a tool to remind me of what was really coming right from my heart.

I have typed it all down here so that more people can share my deepest joy and pride. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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