Welcoming. Inspiring. Contagious. This is what I have been looking for.

I relocated to London not too long ago. I heard about Innovation Works through word of mouth immediately after I started to network. I firstly met Zelda Brown, a co-tenant and the founder of Addvanturesome, and the next thing I know, I was scheduled for its weekly tour the following Wednesday night.

June 21st, 2017 at 6 pm, I arrived at Innovation Works for the first time. I was very impressed by the gorgeous 4-floor co-working space. Little did I know at that time, it is more than just a desk or meeting room rental for business people; it is a community for like-minded people to create, exchange ideas, and innovate together. I quickly felt the impact and even until today, I find it hard to believe that this place was only established a year ago.

That one-hour tour proved to be the best investment of time I made in months. Big thanks to the host that night Sheila Simpson, I had such a good first experience that naturally after the tour, I agreed to join the event called “Wined Down” the same week and then “Salad Club” the week after and, of course, have been attending them ever since. What’s more, I was happy to find out that Innovation Works also has a weekly Socialpreneur Chat every Friday morning because I am particularly interested in social enterprises. One thing led to another, I applied for the DECA program (The Desk Exchange Community Animator program) and officially joined the party 😉

I found that apart from the cool space and abundant resources, the most important thing is the exposure and the chance to meet amazing people and build connections. I’ve met more people in just a few days after I was introduced to Innovation Works than I met in the past weeks. If nothing else, you can always expect to have a good time because there is always something going on.

I am super thankful for the very knowledgeable and well-connected Sheila Simpson, who took me on a fun and well-organized tour of London (It deserves 5-star on trip advisor!), and who continues to help me in all ways possible. Also, there are so many others who encouraged me to work on my own business idea. To be honest, it is very difficult to not to be inspired by this group of self-driven and warm-hearted people. The momentum kept on building up till I finally gave in to all my doubts and fears. When you see everyone is working on what they are passionate about, you want to find that passion for yourself even more.

To me, what’s interesting is that I used to think it would be intimidating to be surrounded by ambitious professionals. But my experience at Innovation Works tells me that it is quite the opposite. People here are very casual and friendly. They all want you to succeed and are ready to help. I feel overwhelmingly welcomed and supported all the time.

I know there is still so much to explore. In this community, each individual has a great story to tell. The mere idea of getting to know them all excites me. It almost feels like a new journey has begun for me, just like how it began for many others here.

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